Great free applications

Your Mac comes with a bunch of great applications that allow you to play music, edit movies, organize and edit photos, create webpages… Well, pretty much most of the stuff you’ll need in your everyday life. However, there are some applications that we suggest you download. These applications are nice, free and really great.

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Microsoft Messenger

Microsoft Messenger LogoWhether you like it or not, Microsoft Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger) is perhaps the world’s most used chat application. Get it!.

Adium X

Apple’s instant messaging application, iChat, is really nice. It has some outstanding features, but doesn’t support MSN messenger, Yahoo Messenger or other popular chat protocols. Adium X lets you connect to all chat systems and it’s also a really nice and good-looking application! Get it!


Skype is perhaps the best way to have audio (or video) conversations with you friends. Skype works both on PCs and Macs so that you can communicate even with your pals on the dark side. Get it!

Skype Screenshot

Video player applications:


Apple has a great movie player application called QuickTime Player. It’s nice, but it doesn’t support all video formats. Download and install Perian and you will find that QuickTime suddenly plays all kinds of movies! Get it!

Flip 4 Mac

Microsoft has developed a video format called WMF. Those movies used to be played by Windows Media Player, but now, Microsoft is recommending another application that plays WMF files just like if it was a QuickTime movie. This is very convenient, we promise. Get it!


If you download a movie file and there seems to be no way to play it, try this application. It’s almost impossible to find a file that VLC can’t play. Get it!



Quicksilver is actually a bit advanced, but it’s to good to be ignored. I’m not a big user, but some people just seem to love it! Basically, it lets you perform your most common tasks faster. Get it!

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