FTP on a Mac

Quite a lot of companies use FTP-servers today so that their employees can access data from any computer.

This article will tell you how to browse an FTP-server using your Mac. It is really easy.

FTP clients – Two alternatives

When it comes to FTP clients, there are two good choices for Mac OS X. One is free and one is not, but it is not expensive.


Cyberduck is an open source project created by David Kocher. It is functional, easy-to-use and beautiful.

Cyberduck's icon.

Visit Cyberduck’s homepage or download it now. If you find Cyberduck useful, consider donating a buck or two to David Kocher.


Transmit is another great FTP application for the Mac. It costs $29.95 which is a rather good price considering what you get. However, check what your needs are – if you are just going to download and upload files to a server, Cyberduck is probably enough.

If you wish to download Transmit, go to Transmit’s homepage.

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FTP on a Mac

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